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Extending the life of DBF file format

Posted by nhylzcode on February 1, 2015 at 12:35 PM

Since this is my first post on  this blog, I already know what's running  into  your mind... You may say maybe I'm just reinventing the wheel. Why not design my own programming languages and write my own compilers for them? Or even better create my own operating system from scratch? :D because there are fricking hundreds if not thousands of available database projects out there in the wild which are ready to use and battle tested.

When you can’t find some information you are looking for at certain applications, or a good software library but lacking some option and features you need, why not create your own? If you have the luxury of time and you believe you can do it, why bother using a third-party software or the work of others.

Alright, aside from the pleasure I get writing codes, fulfilling my enthusiasm for extending the life of DBF file format and staying close to the xBase commands in data manipulation; has given me a great deal of enjoyment particularly in the learning process, these alreary are greenlight indications
that I should keep continuing what I’m doing.

But what’s the real story and my objectives? I’ll probably discuss it on my next blog…

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