Managed Dbf

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Managed Dbf is a lightweight RDBMS library for .Net.  It's a fast multi-user relational  and thread safe database  file  management  system,  which  are  easy  to  use and  understand,  using  some  of  the  familiar  commands of Visual FoxPro and other xBase compatible RDBMS. with an optional secured Client-Server base model.


Open source project:

Managed Dbf will be open source once completed after I successfully tested it for production use ^ _ ^ y

Easy to use and understand:

* Complete documentation and sample usage for each command(Methods/Properties).

* Methods and properties description are very much a like with Visual FoxPro and other
  XBase compatible programming language.


* NoSQL, it has a built in LINQ-like features that will suffice most of the querying using Where/For
  and While condition with ease and without doing a database field mapping.

* NoODBC, No need for OLEDB, ADO.Net, VFPOLEDB, SQL SERVER or any other Database
  Connector to access the database file.

* NoDBA, no need for a Database administrator, change the location of database file anytime,
  access it on a USB, external hard drive and other shared network storage with ease.

* A lightweight combination of rows-columns(fields) and document(Blob field) data storage model
   with it's own B+Tree index file that can holds unlimited number of index order tags using index
   expressions with an optional for expressions.

* Easy to backup even while other users are currently using the database file.

Some features :

* Thread safe framework design, querying commands will be done "Concurrently" not
   just lock and wait approach on a  multi threaded application.

* Support records locking for multi user environment.

* In-Memory(cursor table) or direct to file access.

* ACID compliant.

* Querying large working records can be directly save to disk locally and use. while
  small records can be stored into cursor(In-Memory) or List array.

* Maximum of 16 Gigabytes per table, VFP is limited to 2 Gigabytes per table.

* Maximum of 4 Billion records count; VFP is limited to 1 Billion total records count per table.

* It's relational through simple Parent/Child table relationship.

* Store documents or different data structure on an associated blob files.

* Has its own B+Tree implementation that support multi order tag for indexing.

* Memory mapped sequential record set for faster records update even on shared file access..

* Determine anytime whether the table has been updated by other process.

* Compatible with Visual  FoxPro table up to version 9 and other XBase compatible DBF file format
  such as dBase/Clipper/FoxBase.

* Optional Client-Server base model for accessing database files.